The Valencian Parliament declares Manises “Valencian City of Ceramics”.

The Plenary of the Valencian Parliament today recognised Manises as the “Valencian City of Ceramics”. An institutional declaration – possible thanks to the support of all the groups in the table of trustees of the Cortes – which responds to the request of the City Council of Manises to be recognized as such, after approving the Municipal Plenary of October the institutional declaration that was committed to request in the autonomous parliament this recognition.

As the President of the Parliament, Enric Morera, read during the declaration at the Borja Palace, “Manises is a city recognised worldwide for its ceramics. The ceramic activity has never been interrupted for more than 700 years and the pieces of ceramics from Manises have been and are present in the five continents and in the main art museums of the world”. For this reason, he said, “the Valencian Parliament wishes to recognise the cultural identity that the municipality has developed and declare Manises a Valencian City of Ceramics”.

The act of pronouncement of the Cortes was attended by a large representation of the consistory of Manises headed by the mayor, Jesús Borràs and the spokespersons of APM Compromís, Carles López; PSPV PSOE, Àngel Mora and the Provincial Deputy and socialist councillor, Pilar Molina; Podemos, Irene Camps and Ciudadanos, Enrique Soler. The Partido Popular and VOX groups have excused their absence.

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