CICEMA Manises International Ceramics Film Festival Manises, 31 May – 2 June, 2024

The Manises International Ceramics Film Festival aims at providing a general overview of current films that address the topic of ceramics from any point of view—as a material, as an artisanal tradition or industrial and architectural production, past or present, as a form of art, an ethnographic testimony, or simply as a starting point to let the imagination soar.

This Festival, as well as the 2023 preliminary presentation event, is the brainchild of co-Directors Rafaela Pareja and Carlos García Aranda. It comes as the culmination of a series of screening events and special sessions about ceramics these two organizers have been putting together since 2017, sponsored by the Ceramics Museum of Manises. The interest shown in these prior events has led to a more ambitious format that will become the only European film festival of its kind.


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