Cerámicas Palanca

A yellow earthenware workshop which stands out particularly for its traditional production of the famous mortars. In this workshop, you can see how a mortar is made from start to finish, step by step. 

In addition, you can see the new collection consisting of the same traditional pieces but now carrying a hand painted dedication.

Arturo Mora lustreware workshop

A workshop specialising in the medieval lustreware technique, a percentage of its production are replicas of historical pieces made in the workshops of Manises from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century and, which, nowadays, can be found in the main museums of the world. 

During the tour, the process of making lustreware will be explained to you. You will see how a piece is made on the potter’s wheel, and you will even be invited by the potter to sit at the wheel. You can also visit the workshop’s permanent exhibition where centuries-old pieces, from several generations of the Mora family, are on display, together with lustreware replicas of medieval ceramics.

Ceramic Association of Valencia AVEC-Gremio

Tour of the facilities + film. 

The Ceramics Association of Valencia AVEC- Gremio opens the doors of its Centre of Services and Promotion of Valencian Ceramics so that you can join them on a tour of their Workshop-School and their ceramics store and watch a new film: “Manises, 700 years of Tradition in Ceramics”. The documentary takes you through the entire history of ceramics in Manises. It is narrated by Jaume Coll, director of the National Museum of Ceramics “González Martí” in Valencia, José Pérez Camps  former director of Manises Museum and retired ceramists from Manises, as well as by people who opened up their homes allowing us to discover true works of art in ceramics.

It has a shop with ceramic, stoneware and porcelain products made by its artisans and ceramists.

La cerámica valenciana de José Gimeno Martínez

A factory with an uninterrupted history of 100 years located in the Barri d’Obradors over a fifteenth century pottery. It has a display-museum with 8 rooms to help you appreciate the great variety in Valencian ceramics, its evolution down through the centuries as well as its rich collection. On your visit to the factory, you will be given the opportunity to observe techniques like modelling, glazing and decorating, carried out by experienced craftspeople.

Aliarte Cerámica

A new ceramic space by ceramist Alicia G. Bellver, open to everyone wishing to create, experiment, innovate, share and, above all, enjoy themselves, with ceramics, in a free and simple way, with a shop full of artisan, contemporary, unique pieces which are ornamental as well as utilitarian.

Drac Ceramic

Conxa Arjona and David Sánchez make up Drac Cerámic. In their workshop you can enjoy conceptual craftwork with the potter’s wheel and restoration work in ceramics.

Ceràmiques Pepe Royo

José Royo Alcaraz ceramic workshop, specialising in traditional 18th century-style ceramics (basil holders, trade plates, vases…) and signature ceramics.

Domanises – Taller creativo

A workshop that deals in the world of ceramic craftwork, maintaining ancient techniques with one eye on the future, and opening up new channels in the field of ceramics.