The Potter’s
Wheel’s turn

The Potter’s Wheel’s turn

The international Ceramics Meeting, “The Turn of the Potter’s Wheel Turn” takes place in Manises. 

An event with international repercussion whose aim is to consolidate and give continuity and visibility to the art and whose first edition was held in 2015, the second, in 2016 and the third, in 2019.

The aims of this conference are as follows:

  • To make the artistic possibilities of the potter’s wheel known to experts in ceramics and in other disciplines, and to all those visiting our town these days.
  • To hold an event that can combine multidisciplinary arts.
  • To facilitate the encounter and dialogue between artists from different countries.
  • To foment and spread traditional and contemporary ceramics.
  • To use ceramics as a means of artistic expression and as a design element for setting the ambiance of large spaces.
  • To strengthen Manises’ image as a city that is committed to ceramics.
  • To associate the name Ceramics of Manises with high standards and prestige.
  • To revive the business and craft sectors.
  • To provide the city of Manises with yet another engagement with Ceramics, while raising citizens` awareness of their own signs of identity, as well as visitors’ awareness of Manises’ link with ceramics for over 700 years.

This event succeeds in getting all professional and institutional players, such as Manises City Hall, EA+SC Manises, the Museum of Ceramics of Manises, the departments of Tourism and Promotion of Ceramics of Manises, the National Museum of Ceramics González Martí, the Centre of Handcrafts of the Community of Valencia, AVEC-GREMIO and ANPEC, to share a common purpose.

The conference encompass two types of activities:

At the last “The turn of the Potter’s Wheel” which was held in 2019, there were activities for those participating in the seminars and other activities for the general public: master classes, workshops and conferences.

Activities free of charge and open to the general public:

  • Exhibition of the work of guest ceramists in the III International Ceramics “The turn of the Potter’s wheel”.
  • Creation and firing of pieces in a dragon kiln by ceramists Jaime Romero and Pepe Royo. At this workshop, you will be able to see how an anagram, or train-style, kiln is built in the yard at Vicente Gimeno’s La Cerámica Valenciana in Manises and will be able to follow the whole process closely. In addition, some pieces will be decorated using the wood firing technique, in order to obtain typical wood ash glazes.
  • Music concert. A musical work performed using ceramic pieces and delivered by Eva, Inma Juan and Ximo de Paterna.
  • Performance by Carlos Llavata.
  • Guided night tour of José Gimeno Valencian Ceramics, by Mª José and Vicente Gimeno, the workshop’s owners.
  • Visit to MCM, coinciding with the concert of ceramic instruments and a screening of documentaries on the subject of ceramics.

Held at the same time is the “Tornocatoria” A Meeting of Craftspeople and Artists on the theme of the potter’s wheel. It aims at furthering the tradition and, likewise, renewing the processes and results. Unquestionably, there’s still plenty of potential in ceramics.

This is the objective of the project from the Ana Illueca workshop and delivered by ANPEC (Spanish Ceramic Association) whose aim is to attract master potters, ceramists, designers and artists who share a common skill of using the potter’s wheel as a tool of expression. “Tornocatoria” is the way in which ceramics gets close to society, and an opportunity for showcasing the discipline and the region’s talent”.