Five Countries
One Vision

Five Countries One Vision - Cinco Países una visión

The Five Countries one Vision project was held in Manises from July 12 to August 9, 2019. This project brought together artists from Iran, Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia and Spain. All of them showed a complete selection of pieces made with the contemporary metallic reflection technique.

The journey of metallic luster began 13 centuries ago in the heart of the Islamic world. From Mesopotamia, Syria and Egypt the innovation of the metallic luster technique followed the expansion of the Arab world through the Maghreb, reaching Spain and later Italy.

Already in the second half of the 19th century, it expanded first to England and then to the rest of Europe.

The prestige of the participating potters, Abbas Akbari (Kashan, Iran); Arturo Mora Benavent (Manises, Spain); Giampietro Rampini (Gubbio, Italy); Jonathan Chiswell Jones (Hankham, UK); John Kuczwal (Wollongong, Australia), and the guest, Joan Carrillo (Catalonia, Spain) made Manises become for a few days a cult center for artists and ceramic lovers from Europe.