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Yincana Introduction

The city of Manises has many secrets that need to be revealed by intrepid adventurers. Only the chosen will get to know these secrets… Are you up to doing some investigating for a day? The “Discover Manises” gymkhana is a family adventure that helps you discover the local tradition in ceramics that has lasted over 700 years.

Our superheroes, Gerro, Miri, Mili are there to help you with the 10 gymkhana challenges but you will need to pay great attention as there’s also a monster trying to ruin your adventure… Will you succeed?

You will need the map to point the way for you in order to find the clues hidden in each monument.  To help you in your search, each question has a video with clues for finding the answer and help you become a true adventurer, a specialist in Manises. At the end of the adventure, you can check if the answers are correct by watching the “Solutions” video.

And don’t forget to download the diploma certifying you as an expert adventurer. The adventure in Manises awaits.

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Solve all the tests of our “Get to know Manises” gymkhana and become an expert in Manises with this diploma.