International Museum Day 2021

This year, the Manises Ceramics Museum will be taking part in the International Museum Day  2021, at the end of the month, with an exhibition of a series of works from the Manises Ceramics Museum’s artistic collection in the streets of the town and focusing on the museum’s other forms of communication.

To be precise, 15 ceramic panels will be reproduced and hung on the façades of local businesses and Manises’ Market of Los Pinos; these replicas will be related to the product on sale in the shop itself.

With this initiative, the Museums department seeks to bring the Ceramics Museum’s artistic collection closer to citizens and local businesses alike. This idea for International Museum Day 2021 intends to put the spotlight on a more sustainable, lasting and less contaminating form of advertising, as are ceramics.

The ceramic originals of the panels reproduced came, in the main, from the Francisco Lahuerta factory and date from 1928. Others are donations to the museum in the town. All the ceramic panels can be seen in the Manises Ceramics Museum as visits will continue as normal with the preventive measures put in place to protect against COVID 19.

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