Manises recognises the career of the ceramist Felicidad Mota with the 9th of October Award

The Manises Town Council has awarded the Manises ceramist Felicidad Mota Moreno with the “9 de Octubre City of Manises 2021 Award” for her professional career as a ceramist, specialising in the socarrat technique. The mayor of Manises, Jesús Borrás y Sanchis, has been in charge of delivering the most important recognition that the consistory grants yesterday, October 7, in the park of the Filters of the locality.

The mayor of Manises, Jesús Borrás y Sanchis, was proud to award this prize, taking advantage of the 9th of October festival, to a Manises woman who has dedicated her entire life to keeping socarrat pottery alive. “Her continued effort, her personal and professional humility make Felicidad Mota Moreno undeniably deserving of this award”, said the mayor.

Felicidad Mota Moreno

9th October Award 2021

Felicidad was born on 16th March 1946 in Manises.

She is an artisan ceramist specialising in the socarrat technique, daughter of the ceramist Miguel Mota Tárrega and the painter Felicidad Moreno Aliaga.

Felicidad is the eldest of a large family made up of three sisters, Mª Ángeles, Rosa and Encarna, and a brother, Miguel, who unfortunately died at a young age.

She had a very happy childhood spent within the walls of her parents’ factory, between games and laughter, between clay and paintbrushes. One of the things she liked most was to be surrounded by smoke when the pieces were fired in the Moorish oven.

After studying expertise at the Manises School of Ceramics, she began her professional career specialising in the socarrat technique, which had never been done in her father’s factory.

For more than 30 years, he has been trying to make socarrats known through exhibitions and works in emblematic places.

The exhibition at the Centro de Artesanía, from which the illustration of the front pages of the newspaper Las Provincias on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of Jaume I, stands out.

She has also exhibited in Palma de Mallorca, Monte Picayo, Denia, Valencia, Castellón and even in Paris after being selected by the Ministry of Industry and Energy.

“La Roca del Corpus” and a mural in Lo Rat Penat are two of her most representative works.

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