¡Hola Cerámica! 2021 edition

¡Hola Cerámica! is an activity aimed at promoting ceramics organised by the Spanish Association of Cities of Ceramics (AeCC), which seeks to open the doors of workshops, museums and other ceramic resources, to make them known to a wide public. Due to restrictions arising from the COVID 19 pandemic, the 2021 edition will consist of actions based on videos and photos of our ceramic craftwork.

Manises will take part, together with the rest of the Spanish cities belonging to the Spanish Association of Cities of Ceramic, in this fifth edition, which will take place on 15 and 16 May.

It is a major virtual  encounter of the world of ceramics whose aim is to highlight and showcase our ceramics, in all its great diversity.

In Manises, the Department for the Promotion of Ceramics has organised a series of videos to promote participation in the event and show the works, which, despite the pandemic, are currently being created by the artisans.


The videos are recorded at major spots in the city associated with ceramics, such as artisans’ workshops, the headquarters of associations, educational centres and museum spaces.

Filmed in their workshops and calling on the public to enjoy Hola Cerámica are ceramist artisans: Conxa Arjona and David Sanchez (Drac Ceramic Manises), Pepe Royo, Maribel Martínez, Cerámicas Palanca, La Cerámica Valenciana de José Gimeno, Maribel Salas and Francisco Mas.

Also participating are the Valencian Association of Ceramics AVEC-Gremio, ANPEC -National Association of Professionals in Ceramics and the School of Art and Ceramics of Manises.

Worthy of note is Sara Blanes’ participation in the event. She is director of the Manises Ceramics Museum, which offers a comprehensive and interesting collection made up of over 5000 pieces and helps showcase the tradition and ceramic work produced in Manises down through its history.

This is why we are encouraging all citizens to take part in this online edition of ¡Hola Cerámica! where they can enjoy, in the safety of their homes, not only local ceramics but ceramics from all over the country.

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