Ceramic techniques publication

During the month of August, information will be published on different ceramic techniques that have formed and form part of the history of Manises.

The aim of this action is several. On the one hand, to show different details so that the public can appreciate not only the knowledge and skills of the craftsman.

On the other hand, to show some of the uses and possibilities that can be given to clay.


The action will take place during the 5 weeks of August, with each week dedicated to techniques such as metallic lustre, turning, ceramic wickerwork, socarrats and decorative painting.

The publications will be made on social networks and can be seen by following the Tourist Info Manises Facebook page and the Instagram account @VisitaManises.

On the other hand, children will also have their space. Pepa and Víctor, protagonists of the book La Cerámica Valenciana…¡descúbrela! will show children how these techniques are made.

This book, published by the Valencian Ceramics Association AVEC-Gremio, covers the history and various ceramic techniques and can be downloaded free of charge in both Spanish and Valencian:

Libro La Cerámica Valenciana…¡descúbrela!

Book La Ceràmica Valenciana…descobrix-la!

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