9th of October Prize: ceramist Felicidad Mota

The plenary session of the Manises Town Council, held on 29 July, unanimously approved the awarding of the 9th  of October 2021 Prize, the most important recognition of Manises, to the Manises ceramist Felicidad Mota.

Felicidad Mota has been able to recover and dignify, for the city of Manises, a medieval technique by modernising the great ceramic tradition of “socarrat”.

She is 75 years old and trained at the Manises School of Ceramics. She worked in her father’s factory from a very young age, until she later established herself as a self-employed worker.

A professional life over so many years, which has brought her works into the hands of collectors, public and private entities, and numerous people interested in this discipline of ceramic decoration.

In addition to other works and interventions, one of his most outstanding works is the decoration with socarrat pieces of the Corpus Christi cart in Valencia called La Roca del Santo Cáliz (The Rock of the Holy Chalice).

In a year in which the agenda shows us more than ever the importance of ceramics on our way to being named a UNESCO Creative City of Manises in the modality of Crafts and Popular Arts, it could not be otherwise that the greatest recognition of our city was not for a person dedicated to Manises ceramics.

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