The party of the Ceramics, more international than ever before

Dozens of professional craftsmen and women will take their mastery to the streets on 16 and 17 July at the Ceramics Festival. This year, after two editions without being able to celebrate it, it will also host ceramists from other ceramic cities around the world, such as Barcelos (Portugal) and Padukah (United States), which have been invited on the occasion of the designation of Manises as a UNESCO Creative City in the category of Crafts and Popular Arts.

Àngel Mora, the councillor for Tourism of the Manises Town Council, explained that “in this edition we have given the festival a universal touch by making the work of the artisans visible and creating a participatory mural with artistic and touristic value that helps to identify and promote Manises ceramics around the world”.

During these days, the artisan sector leaves their workshops and sets up shop along Avenida Blasco Ibáñez to show their work live to both the residents of Manises and the hundreds of visitors who come to our city. Modelling, socarrat, raku, potter’s wheel, stamping, trencadís, jewellery and clay sculpture are some of the specialities that will be on display and where those attending will be able to participate with their own hands.

A preview of the Ceramics Festival will take place on Thursday 14th July with the inauguration of the exhibition “Artesanos ceramistas en AVEC-Gremio”, which includes a sample of the works made by the craftsmen and craftswomen participating in the Festival and which can be visited until 12th August.

Next, the Germanías Auditorium will host the tribute to the ceramist Antonio Cordero who, although he was born in Pegalajar (Jaén), very soon arrived in Valencia with his family and began to stand out for his artistic talents. After a lifetime dedicated to ceramics, now retired, he continues to work on the creation of his collections day by day with the same enthusiasm with which he began.

On the other hand, the artist Àngel Igual will be on Saturday afternoon, during the Ceramics Festival, finishing the participatory mural he has designed, with the collaboration of international ceramists. Once the work is finished, a circular piece of more than 12 square metres, it will be installed in a public place in the city.

Another of the activities to be held is the traditional Alioli Competition, a competition open to the public with attractive prizes. There will also be a Photography Competition in which it will be possible to participate with images taken on the 16th and 17th during the Ceramics Festival and on the 18th during the Cavalcade.

There will also be room for other types of art, and so on Saturday 16th you can enjoy the show Roda, by the company Marea danza, and the musical group València Hot Five, from Llíria, a UNESCO Creative City in the category of Music, will entertain on Saturday at the party of the Ceramics.

On Sunday 17th, the activities related to ceramics, the main theme of this festival, continue with demonstrations in the street that show the good work of our artisan sector.

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