The Manises Ceramics Museum celebrates International Museum Day

The Manises Ceramics Museum (MCM) has programmed an activity to celebrate International Museum Day (IMD) which will take place on 25 May at 7 p.m. at its headquarters located at Calle del Sagrario, 22.

This year, the focus was on making the museum’s internal work more visible, with a talk entitled “From the excavation to the display case” by the with a talk entitled “From the excavation to the display case” by the MCM restorer, Sara Blanes, and archaeologist Raquel Bernabeu. restorer of the MCM, Sara Blanes and the archaeologist Raquel Bernabeu.

The activity focuses on giving visibility to the whole process a piece goes through from its encounter to its the subsequent restoration and conservation and the exhibition to the public. exhibition to the public. A process that is largely unknown to the general public and which this activity aims to bring to light.

According to the councillor for Culture and Museums of our City Council, Xavier Morant, “this is an opportunity to bring closer the process that an object follows from the time it is found in an archaeological excavation until it is exhibited”. “It is interesting to learn about the origin of our heritage and the craftsmanship of the municipality in which they live,” added Morant.

The Museum of Ceramics of our town continues with the criterion of providing access to information that will enable a greater understanding and knowledge of the collections it has and to know the reason why a particular work is restored and not another and explaining the criteria and the process followed to do so is sometimes necessary, since we do not usually ask ourselves anything about this before a piece on display.

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