Manises in Bona Vesprada – À Punt

Manises was the protagonist of the programme Bona Vesprada of the regional channel À Punt. 

The name of Manises, unquestionably, is linked to the airport and the hospital but, this is actually 4 days ago because when we talk about Manises we talk about ceramics in capital letters.

Since its origins, Manises ceramics has spread rapidly throughout Europe. A love story that still lasts, as Manises is a candidate to be a UNESCO Creative City. In fact, the programme’s visit to the Manises Ceramics Museum was a must.

Taking advantage of the fact that the ceramists make good mortars, the Manises men and women have developed the ability to make an aioli with their own pedigree. They even hold a competition in which the best experts in this sauce, which is so much our own, take part.

Manises is home to the Los Arcos aqueduct, the largest architectural element of all the hydraulic heritage of the Valencia plain. More than 200 metres long and with 28 arches, where if we look closely, we can find stalactites.

All this and much more appeared in the programme, which you can see again in the following link:

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