Manises ceramics: small treasures scattered all over the planet

The communication channel A Punt is made of the candidacy of Manises as a Creative City by UNESCO.

A small part of Manises is in the Bargello Museum in Florence, and another in the Hispanic Society in New York. Manises opts to be named a UNESCO Creative City in October, backed by the value and history of its ceramics, with pieces that are up to seven centuries old.

Among the activities that have been set in motion to promote the candidacy, the González Martí Museum in Valencia highlights the international dimension of the ceramics, which are present in museums in Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Argentina, Cuba and the United States, among other countries.

Among the owners of some of the most valuable pieces are some of the most important historical figures of 14th and 15th century Europe, such as the Kings of France, the Catholic Monarchs, the Popes and the Medici.

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