Manises Ceràmica Oberta

On Saturday 18 September 2021 the Ceràmica Oberta activity will take place in the city of Manises.

A day where ceramics and ceramists will be the real protagonists of the city. The aim of this activity is to showcase our ceramics and highlight the local potters and pottery workshops that carry out their activity in an artisanal way.

During this fun day, the public will be able to visit different ceramic workshops and factories where demonstrations will be given using different ceramic techniques.

It will be the artisans themselves who will show the local population and tourists their techniques and skills that keep our ceramic tradition alive.

The event, organised by the Department of Tourism, has the support of the ceramics sector, as well as the EA+SC, ANPEC, AVEG-Gremio and Vicente Díez to develop this activity.

We will soon inform about the schedules and participants of the event.

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