Videos interviews: Ceramics Festival theme

For the second consecutive year, the traditional Manises Ceramics Festival that used to take place in July will not be held, but now more than ever, ceramics occupies the level of importance that corresponds to it, since the Spanish National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO has announced its support for the candidacy of the city of Manises for incorporation into the Creative Cities Network in the modality of Crafts and Popular Arts.

Over the next week, the social networks of Radio Manises, Manises City Council and Tourism will broadcast videos at 12:00 noon in which ceramics will be the undisputed protagonist.


Monday 12 July, we will visit the “Drac Ceramic” workshop with the potters Conxa Arjona and David Sánchez.

Tuesday 13th, the visit is to the workshop of Arturo Mora, one of the most awarded ceramists in Manises for his good work in the speciality of lustre ceramics.

Wednesday 14th, we will visit the Museum of Ceramics of Manises, where we will talk to its director, Sara Blanes.

Thursday 15th, it will be the turn to visit the headquarters of the Valencian Ceramics Association AVEC-Gremio, where we will reason with the promotion technician of the entity, Mª Carmen Bosch.

Friday 16th, we will finish with a visit to the Valencian Ceramics of José Gimeno, where Vicent Gimeno will give us his experience in this art.

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