Virtual meeting with Terrassa: donation of the ceramic documentary “Reflections of Manises”

The documentary “Reflejos de Manises” will be part of the audiovisual collection of Terrassa, Unesco Creative City in the cinematographic field since 2017.

Manises has met telematically with Terrassa to exchange experiences in relation to the Unesco candidacy and to make a donation of the documentary “*Reflejos de Manises”.

The city of Terrassa has been a Unesco Creative City in the cinematographic field since 2017 and Manises is now immersed in the selection process to become part of the Unesco Creative Cities Network, specifically in the modality of Crafts and Popular Arts.

The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Manises, Jesús Borràs y Sanchis; the Councillor for Tourism, Àngel Mora; and the Councillor for the Promotion of Ceramics, Xavier Morant, on behalf of Manises. On the Terrassa side, the attendees were the councillor for Tourism and Audiovisual Projects, Josep Forn; Jordi Hernàndez, Technical and Operations Director of the Audiovisual Park of Catalonia; and other technical staff from Terrassa.

In addition to holding a working meeting, this digital meeting also served to discuss the donation by the Manises City Council of the documentary “Reflejos de Manises” (Reflections of Manises) as part of its audiovisual collection.

This documentary, directed by Alfredo Fraile and recorded in Manises in 1940, shows the process of making pottery in a simple and very graphic way. Moreover, this documentary is a visual testimony that shows the importance that ceramics has had, has, and will have in Manises.

The city of Terrassa has always been linked to cinema in the same way that talking about Manises is talking about ceramics. At the beginning of the 20th century, Terrassa became a visionary and pioneering city that welcomed the cinema when it was just a quirky invention. With the passing of time, the link with the seventh art has grown to the point of being very present in the life of the city and as a true pole of creation of trades and opportunities. In October 2017, Terrassa received the UNESCO distinction as a creative city in the field of film, the first time in Spain. This is an exceptional fact that is only shared with 17 cities in the world, including Valladolid. This represents a great challenge of prestige and international projection.

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