Presentation of new pottery publications

As part of the events planned for Manises’ Setmana de les lletres, there will be a presentation of new publications of the local collections and the virtual library in the cloister of the culture centre at 7 pm, on Thursday, 22 April.

The new publications are as follows:

  • Análisis y puesta el valor del último horno del barrio de Obradores (Analysis and appreciation of the last kiln in the Obradores district) by Remedios Gómez Pardo.
  • Vocabulario de la cerámica de Manises( Vocabulary of Ceramics of Manises) by Francesc Almela i Vives.
  • El diseño industrial de la cerámica de Manises en la década de los ochenta (Industrial design of the ceramics of Manises in the eighties) by Rafael Requena Díez (PhD thesis).

The books by Remedios Gómez Pardo and Rafael Requena Díez will be presented by Xavier Morant Verdejo, councillor of Culture and the Promotion of Ceramics. Francesc Almela i Vives’ book will be presented by Vicent Masó, from the municipal archives.

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