Manises presents the new Tourism brand and a campaign to reduce plastic and promote ceramics

L’Auditori Germanies hosted the presentation of the new Manises tourism brand and logo and the campaign “- plastic + ceramics”, to reduce the use of plastic by promoting the daily use of Manises ceramics.

The double presentation, designed by the designer Eugenio Simó, was led by Àngel Mora, Councillor for Tourism, and Xavier Morant, Councillor for the Promotion of Ceramics. The event was made entirely to be shown online. Mora explained that the aim of the new “Manises” tourism brand was to update the vision of Manises, linking it to the values of the city and its citizens.

The councillor for tourism explained that the appearance has been modernised without losing the value of tradition that is so important in Manises, especially for its ceramic history. For this very reason, the logo is the name of the city itself, Manises, and an antique ceramic plate with metallic lustre colours, a technique that is deeply rooted in the city, and the traditional ceramic blue.

On the other hand, the councillor for the Promotion of Ceramics, Xavier Morant, presented the new campaign “-plastic + ceramics” to which he invites everyone to join. Plastic, explained the councillor, is a highly polluting material that is widely used in our daily lives.

In contrast, he continued, ceramics is sustainable and environmentally friendly. This campaign, he said, focuses on reducing the use of plastic products in favour of the everyday use of ceramics, a historic Manises heritage. Furthermore, he concluded, this not only respects the environment but also supports local producers, traders and craftsmen in order to promote the perpetuation of this activity in the future.

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