Manises selected by the Spanish National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO

The Spanish National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO has today announced its support for the candidacy of the city of Manises for incorporation into the Creative Cities Network in the modality of Crafts and Popular Arts.

This news comes today to the city of Manises in such a way that the first pre-selection, the most difficult to pass, has been successfully overcome.

A very complete candidacy has been presented, on which work has been carried out for more than a year, ranging from training to ceramic creation, among others.

The Mayor of Manises, Jesús Borràs y Sanchis, expressed his joy and confidence in the product we have in Manises.

In his words, “this is a strong, complete and well-deserved candidacy for which we will fight to the end because we believe that Manises is ceramic, from its origins and, we hope, forever and ever”.

This National Commission makes a first selection between two cities out of the twelve that were presented in the whole of Spain.

Manises has been selected along with the town of Gran Canaria, which was presented in the modality of music.

Now, the next step is a worldwide selection to become part of the UNESCO Network.

Àngel Mora, councillor for Tourism of the Manises Town Council, expressed his “enormous gratitude” for the support received and, above all, “the work of the Manises potters, thanks to whom it has been possible to carry out this project”.

He also acknowledged that “this is a very strong boost, not only for local tourism, but also for other sectors of the city”.

In the words of Xavier Morant, Manises City Councillor for the Promotion of Ceramics, “being part of the UNESCO Cities Network is an exciting project that entails a great responsibility and, of course, we are ready to face this encouraging challenge”.

We would like to give special thanks to all the people, associations and institutions that have endorsed Manises’ candidacy to be one step closer to achieving this great challenge.

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