Manises participates in ‘Hola Cerámica’ with guided tours and workshops!

Manises participates in ‘Hola Cerámica 2024’, a set of activities organized by the Spanish Association of Ceramic Cities (AeCC).
It will take place on April 4, 5, 6, and 7, on the occasion of the celebrations of the European Crafts Days, to disseminate ceramic art to the general public all over the country through in-person and online activities. Specifically, the Manises City Council has prepared, for these days, guided tours in the Manises Ceramics Museum, as well as free ceramic workshops at the facilities of the Valencian Ceramics Association “AVEC-Gremio”.
The ‘Hola Cerámica 2024’ event is celebrated in conjunction with the European Crafts Days and, in this edition, under the motto “Small fingers, expert hands”, a message for all councils organizing activities to orient them, especially to children and the younger audience.

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