A participatory mural commemorates the recognition of Manises as a UNESCO Creative City

The Manises Ceramics Festival will be the setting for the creation of a ceramic mural inspired by UNESCO, with the participation of ceramists from Manises and also from different cities around the world that share with our city, Manises, the fact that it belongs to the network of Creative Cities in the category of Crafts and Popular Arts of this United Nations organisation.

This mural will be a record of the recognition of Manises as a UNESCO Creative City and, as explained by the councillor for Tourism of the Manises Town Council, Ángel Mora, “the idea, which arose from the Manises potters themselves, is to provide our city with ceramic elements of artistic and tourist value that help to identify and promote Manises ceramics around the world”. For his part, the councillor for the Promotion of Ceramics, Xavier Morant, has indicated that “it will be an international showcase for our ceramics during the first festivities that we carry out under the umbrella of UNESCO”.

The mural has been designed by the ceramist and sculptor Àngel Igual, who has conceived a circular piece with a radius of 2 metres -more than 12 square metres- with a contemporary language, while at the same time maintaining the utmost respect for classical ceramic tradition and culture.

It mainly refers to the processes of ceramic creation for which the city of Manises is known, as well as the quality of its ceramics and its potters, and aims to highlight “the intrinsic values of production, constancy, the love that is put into each work, effort, patience, learning, expressiveness, respect for heritage and collaboration, which have contributed so much to our development as societies since ancient times”, as the artist explained.

Àngel Igual pointed out that for him “it is an honour and, at the same time, a great responsibility to create this mural and that is why I want to have ceramists from Manises, a representation of the best of the trade in one of the most important cities in the world for ceramics”.

The participation of the ceramists in the mural will be open from 12 to 15 July at Avec-Gremio from 10.00 to 14.00 hours and from 15.30 to 17.30 hours, as well as on 16 July from 17.00 to 21.00 hours within the framework of the Festa de la Ceràmica on Avenida Blasco Ibáñez. In this way, visitors to Manises on the Saturday of the Festa de la Ceràmica can see the creation live.

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